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Forgiven Child

It was a day of beckoning.
The doors to the old parish opened wide.
The song of Angels rejoiced inside. There was a serenity that carried hope.
The small town gathered within seeking redemption from their sin.
The valley virtually was at peace, on Sunday they gathered to find release.
Rock of ages was the melody that set the atmosphere for the spirit to wash free.
Now a congregation filled the church to the max, the happy souls carefree and relaxed.
I saw the light of purity come streaming through the stained glass and see my sorrows pass.
I realized In my older age was beginning to take center stage, my pain became mild, 
When the Pastor referred to me as Gods forgiven child.
I was seeing the valley that day to what would become my mainstay.
I came home to his promiseland to let my troubles lay.
God's child would have a home where the light of a smile would play in an enlighting style.

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Forgiven Child