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Still Waters
I gaze across the still waters, my soul begins to rise
The light of the setting sun beheld my searching eyes
The first moonlight reflects the gentle night's woeful sighs
Dusk spoke of many things of what the water brings
It whispers soft words to me of sleeping waters free
The daylight vanished into the horizon's thrill
The salty air comes alive with the harbors chill
Was this the calm before the storm, the silence that bends the will
On this particular night, the shoreline invites the coast in a somber chill
What would the night offer in a dormant state
Would the ship bring back the crew, or would its sailors drown, down there,  where the murky waters await
The North star reflects the sheen of starlight's silver dreams
The waters will lose its docile ways when sea salt choose to scream
The window of the sky looks past the brine and haunting gleam
Perhaps this is a reflection of Neptune's soul washed clean

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Still Waters