Celina Adrian

30,221 poems read

"maya angelou"

LA air, so thick and harsh
a rooftop not far from 
skid row
isolated, nearby

we live in the middle way
between a minimally explored celestial dome
and a shaky common ground

we dance on the line
of the have and have nots

a penthouse view
of an undeniable 
yet ignored dichotomy,
of house and street

skies that drip pollution
filled with purple rain
yet lack brotherly love 
of all colors and purity

a layer of smog blankets us
so that we cannot recognize our potential
or each others
so that we cannot recognize that we are more than just particles
of dust and circumstance

but up there
way up there
above the surface of this earth
little pillows of unified suspension
form water droplets full of big dreams
and togetherness

not far away from reach
it is when we reach
with all of humanity in mind
with every living being in heart
that we can see
the rainbows 
in our clouds