Tattoos in Mayberry

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In dutch deep with luscious trouble.
She's got me seein more than double.
Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito.
What to do to this fine fella.
When all my pistons scream Estella
Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito.
All in with every card.
A cooler engine couldn't rev as hard.
As Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito.
Hot to trot through a pauper's mile.
She'd  be flat broke if not for style.
She'll  make or break you with a smile.
Estella Rosa.
Met her at the Winter's Ball
Spring turned Summer into Fall
Who wouldn't be at the beck and call of
Darling Estella.
She;ll take you unaware
With  elegance  and flair.
Then, be off without a care.
That's just  Estella.
She might take one for the team
If her black coffee needs more cream
to lift you higher than the dream
they call Estella.
Met her at the Winter's Ball
Sprung out Summer turned to Fall
nothing new to her at all.
That's our Estella
In dutch deep with luscious trouble
Since, being lifted from the rubble
by the natural triple double
called Estella.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito