Tattoos in Mayberry

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When I came for you,
you were called away.
To consecrate our child
on a Sabbath Day.
I'm passing along
my blood spattered
battle baton
on this, my final race.
I'm done with these fools
with their golden
strangle hold
laying waste to
this warrior's place.
I'm comin' home to my
baby's momma
comin home to stay.
If you had a question
I had the answer
being a stand up ladies man
and a real smooth dancer.
But,now, I find it too hard to speak
I'm on a protracted losing streak.
So, I'm comin home Lordy Momma
comin home today.
Comin home to baby's momma
comin home to stay.
In your forgiving arms
I'll duly invest.
With you in my corner
I'll bypass the rest.
Been out ridin these rails.
Since getting kicked off their bus.
I've been blindly searchin' for good lovin'
without all the fuss.
But, now,I'm bootin it home to
my sweetie momma
You're all I need
and that's ok.
I'm comin' home to baby's momma
comin home today.
I'm rumblin on through this
interstate red eye
train to fate.
and I'm runnin late.
I'm bootin it home to baby's momma
I'm not runnin' a game
nor a power play.
I'm comin home to baby's momma
comin home to stay.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Comin Home To Stay