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Pocket Full of Wishes

So you say you have a pocket full of wishes.
They may someday come true.
It will take dedication to see them through.
I believe you will make the best of your life.
When you find the joy of living in the midst of what you're giving.
Take your hope your wit and will, bring it to the line of refill.
Be patient and kind to this world, and know if you look for the best, the best you will find.
Keep a pocket full of wishes each day, and watch them come true on your way.
The price of love is a value of quality, may your life be blessed with loves warm reality.
Don't ever let the wishes find fatality.
Just remember where ever you are, my best wishes are with you.
It was your love that helped my wishes come true.
We have a life were wishes and dreams may be few, but together they have come true.
I will always love you.

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Pocket Full of Wishes