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Life Friend 

So many people walk this path, the pebbles embeds in the clay a path that leads my way.
This path is worn, my feet are torn, but this path has been mine since the day I was born.
Turning back the hands of time, traveling on memory lane, a place that knows my name.
A place that I've visited when restless days become a time to tame.
The "would of's," or, the, " should of's, "  and "could of's", gathers in a pile but it's been that way for a long while.
It was the part they call regret I must see the error of my ways, and realize the good and bad I've faced each day.
The best has guided my way, yet, there was a rock or bump to overcome I've faced those times and then some.
I've shared this path with family, friends, and enemies as well, have many adventures to tell.
This is my path, I have shared it, at times repaired it, always cared for it with my best, and laid some burdens to rest.
I'll find my destiny at in the end, and be thankful this path has been my life friend.

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Life Friend