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Armageddon Vision

Darkness soothes and light confounds,
As shadows slide without a sound.
Unseen forms cloaked in void of light,
Nightmare visions that rend and bite.

I close my eyes and focus on sleep,
As half formed dreams slither and creep.
Reality is warped and strangely twisted,
As I tumble into a realm redly misted.

All my surroundings bear a crimson hue,
As I slog through a swamp that clings like glue.
Though aching and tired I march ever on,
Knowing if I stop I'll be swallowed and gone.

In the distance I hear a chilling scream,
I smile, knowing this is only a dream.
Then the swamp gives way to rocky ravine,
I blink for a moment, unsure of what I've seen.

It is an armored mount I sit astride,
As I gaze across to the other side.
A mighty host is mounted there,
With gleaming blades deadly and bare.

I know in a moment we soon must clash,
While bright blood spurts and weapons flash.
Those I espy are the lost and damned,
And my fel task is to cleanse this land.

As I look closer I see many I once knew,
Friends and relatives; more than a few.
Horror and despair are plain on each face,
Knowing how far they have fallen from grace.

Battling against a fate long since decreed,
Each brought here through their action and deed.
One last time they cry their defiance,
In desperate, despairing alliance.

As the charge begins the horde fades from view,
I fear this vision might one day come true.
A stern yet gentle voice echoes in my mind,
Righteous and holy; compassionate and kind.

"What you have envisioned is not yet fate,
Bring them to your side, before it is too late."

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Armageddon Vision