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Garden's Test

A curtain of life lined the rolling hillside.
The row of laurel pride stands side by side.
The cherry brush secured in rich soil.
Planted with dedication's toil.
The landscaper's hand are worn and torn he sees the hills newly born.
Work that has no end the soil embrace its friend.
Seeds that bring forth wood to warm the common good.
Days and nights we gather to store the wood.
Now the sun sees season's light, earth holds the roots in nature's sight.
Winds can have their way the plant will have a stay in weather's dance and sway.
The land is with a kindred force life maps its destined course within and out.
The hills will hold the foliage sprouts.
The growth will drink the dew in sun mist golden hue.
The nesting of the soils best withstands the elements thriving test.
At last the garden bows in gentle rest.

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Garden`s Test