Tattoos in Mayberry

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I wanna  have fun with my Son.
Watch him hit a home run.

see him grow into a man.
Sample mince meat and flan.
get baked out in
the noon day Sun.
I wanna have fun.
I wanna .
dig my feet deep into the sand
Live high off the land.
Watch race horses eat hay.
I want an easy pay day
Pull back the hammer
on a loaded gun
I wanna have fun.

I wanna pet a giraffe
I wanna deep belly laugh.
skip out to the park.
I wanna bet on a lark.
I wanna stay on spring break.
I wanna  pet rattle snake..
I wanna have fun.

Get lit up 
by hot love
lasso rut steers
with kid gloves.
before my life's over and done.
I wanna have fun.

I wanna never go grey;
stay young in every way.
cherry cheesecake on the run.
I wanna have fun.
I want to inhabit the freeest shore
The promised land and some more.
Be in on the ground floor
of a very big score..
I wanna ride a shooting star.
play breezy rhythm guitar.
I wanna eat manna with cake
I want the world on a plate....
To work my plan 
in the healing Sun. 
I  wanna have fun.

All rights reserved as is by author

Buddy Bee Anthony

 All rights reserved by author.

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I Wanna Have Fun