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I see the birds soaring so high
Adrift on the wind of a cloudless sky.
So clear this sky of cobalt blue,
No clouds to mar its startling hue.

I wonder if the first day was like this
The morning sun a golden kiss.
Before air pollution and supersonic jet
Caused many to worry and even to fret.

If we could somehow return to that newborn land,
Would we do things differently, could we understand?
Have we learned the consequences and folly of pride,
Or would we still seek to run and hide?

Could mankind accept punishment as well as reward,
Or would each still seek to amass their own hoard?
Would we learn to care about the welfare of others
All animals and plants, as well as our brothers?

I sadly shake my head as I turn away,
Man has learned little, I would say.
More vicious and cunning he surely must be,
But still blinded by pride, unable to see.

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