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Sealed with a Kiss

She was a woman who felt alone.
So misunderstood. 
She was kind, loving and good.
What did her broken heart say,  when she found a corner and tucks away?
Would she hold her true love once more, would he walk through her door?
She carried the sorrow deep inside and called on her womanly pride.
She planted the seed of flowers in early Spring, she feeds the bird's bread crumbs as they sing.
Life was shining bright, but her aching heart only felt the cold of the night.
One soft warm Summer day, a visitor came her way, a postal carrier with a letter, they say.
A letter from her one true love, she saw his eyes as she read. His deep soft voice danced
In her head.
He was due home soon and asked her for her hand. Together they could stand.
She felt a bit of fear but also felt relieved, she really didn't know what she believed.
The postman returned at her door once more, took off his hat and gave her a pat.
It was her lover the whole time, incognito he delivered the letter by his own hand.
He had some explaining to do for his absence, to which gave her a chance to understand.
A year has passed they live in bliss, all came to mends when her postman sealed their love with a kiss.

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Sealed with a Kiss