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Getting older

Getting older is a time to slow down.

What! Are you mad? Getting older

Is a time to fill your boots with the

Good things in life, the pleasures in life,

All the things in life you couldn’t do

When caught in the city lights and the

Workaday rush of busy, busy, busy.


Getting older? Opportunities abound,

Look out for them, they are everywhere.

Let’s not forget who you are and what

You have already achieved. Retirement

Does not signal the end of the road, far

From it, what retirement signals is the

Start of a new journey of discovery.


The time has come to give time the old

Heave-ho, you are no longer a slave

To time, time is your own to do with

As you wish and the more fun you can

Cram into every second the happier you

Will be. Time is but a clock, the turning

Of the earth, the oscillations of a crystal.

Turn over a new leaf, wind a new clock,

Cast time aside, live life for the sake of

Life and the rewards will be many. You

Are not a robot, you are flesh and blood

In need of contact with flesh and blood.


Flesh and blood is love, a beating heart,

A caring heart, a hand to hold, eyes that

Shine ... take the first step on the highway

To a happier life. Reignite the real ‘You,’

The child in your heart. Drastic change

May not be required, just the odd tweak

Perhaps here and there. Get out more, buy

A bike, go on holiday, cruise the Med’, go

Swimming, play tennis, go bowling, take

Up birdwatching, anything, likely to put

You in contact with flesh and blood.


Hearts that smile a lot, live a lot longer.

Outlook plays a major part in well-being

Too, look up not down, face the sun, get

A tan, feel the wind in your hair. Don’t

Wait to be asked out, if you have someone

In mind get round there, knock on the door,

You will not be arrested by the Love Police,

But you may regret it forever, as too may

The other party, if you don’t give it a try.


Life is not a singularity, we are made to

Be together, we each need a hand to

Hold, a waist to squeeze, a strong arm

To lean on. No one need be an island,

And yet so many are, not always of their

Own doing, but with a gentle push or a

Little kindly encouragement, the lonely

Can make a break for freedom - love and

Companionship are out there and they

Are yours to claim.

© Joseph G Dawson