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Mississippi Rise

Come walk the river's edge, you can see it water's rise.
Winter snow liquifies, please pray warm sun will help it dry.
Muddy waters rush carrying instead brush.
Time will help it clean, its flow is rather mean.
When time brings a calming stream, my eyes will start to gleam.
The fish will start to bite, and Bass will line my plate that night.
So think of pleasures and bring the calm, and place my fishing pole in my palm.
Dancing waters roll on by and murky waters quickly fly.
Yes, the river's dance will catch my glance, my back yard will float like a
Mississippi's moat.
"Get your boots on, Pa!" "Oh not again, Ma!"
Time to evacuate, the river does not hesitate.
Grab the car keys and leave this river to rise...
The Mississippi grows in size.

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Mississippi Rise