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Grateful   Love

A little bit of sun will help this day, as wind and rain pass our way.
Rainy days are needed, once the farmland is seeded. 
Weather's force runs its course and is bumpy up and down life's resilient source.
One summer when I was small I walked in fields where corn stalks call.
I found a wounded crow, his wing was twisted and broken and I somehow felt his sting.
I put him in a basket and carried to the barn, to splint his broken wing.
His sad eyes were attentive to many woeful things.
Within the following weeks, he grew strong and learns a few words to speak.
He learns the words, "danger"," help," and" "keep."
His wing mended well and he would soon fly away, oh how I will remember that day.
I named the crow Mat, he was becoming a friend that sat on the top of my straw hat.
Summer passed by fast that year, and Mat finally flew, he took the flight when the air reflected Autumn's light.
His wigs opened In the Autumn air above the white clouds of the sky.
As he climbs in height he says a new word, a word, he said so clearly, " Love" 
As he soars away that joyful day. Mat the crow is now high on the wing.
My heart has a song to sing.
The grateful bird above has left behind his grateful love.

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Grateful Love