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Light That Saves

On the eve of Summer solstice, moon and stars shine brightly.
The Cosmos is very tantalizing and sightly.
Lifting the darkness from the night, an angel brings forth white light.
A time when peace dwells in the hearts of mankind.
The purest light greets the soul as a priceless find.
Drift on high with a watchful eye.
From the deepest darkness pearls of precious stardust embrace the soul.
Whispers of life beyond the sun fill the desire of the gracious goal.
When life meets the level of Heavens far, the face of Angels reflects each star.
The faith of ages fills the air and holds the soul in endless care.
The doors of heaven open in a moment that ends despair.
The lucid dreams hold promise there, the lasting light of love's repair, 
The mortal shell will vanish to free the essence of pain and fears.
The light will know all countless years.
The warmth of eternity will lead away from the Sea of Tears.
Come sail the waves that promise craves.
The lasting light of no mortal slave.
Rises up to become a part of light in the Hall of Braves.
Touch the light that saves...

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Light that Saves