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Easy Chair

So I'm moving slow and I'm moving steadily.
My day is planned for relaxation, time for a work vacation.
The pleasure I seek is the peace of the meek.
A book of poems, an old photo Album, I outstretched legs in my recliner.
The sweet dreams of an ocean liner.
The air of the Blue Mediterranean and albatross that dive for a water's meal. A certain magical feel!
The sounding fog horn in the mist, a soft wave where Dolphins swim and twist.
A blue jewel sky of sun healing warmth and light, a tropical paradise near in sight.
A peer that meets a ship to take a pause in a sailing trip.
As the vessel docks its sail, the harbor wind softly wails.
Earth and Ocean join once more as I touch my feet on white sand shores.
In the comfort of my chair, I witness daydreams rich and fair.
My life lifts me it's so very clear in the refuge of my easy chair.

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Easy Chair