Plastic Deaths

Plastic Deaths                18.5.1988

Man made plastic shaped to kill, supply the forces,their deadly kill
The soldiers don't discriminate with plastic bullets they kill
With a background of prison cells with a British out of jail card
Go shoot a Paddy in Ireland, with your medal and your crime
Carol Anne Kelly died a plastic death at a tender twelve years old
No future for this child of Ireland, her life did not unfold
Plastic deaths like plastic minds deserve no place for sure
They shoot our children with taxpayers money, fire one,fire many more
Five hundred a night those killers fired during our deaths of eighty one
If plastic does not kill them use lead from you British gun
We paid for the bullets that killed our people. our taxes paid for every one
To the parents of the children, both Shankhill and the Falls, your taxes help load every gun
Man made plastic shaped to kill supply the forces their deadly thrill
The soldiers don't discriminate, with plastic bullets they kill

           Gerrard McGeachy

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