Francis and Joseph

Francis and Joseph August 28, 201
Pick up your gun, run like hell
Keep your head down, ignore the smell
Ignore the noise, die with the boys
If you're lucky you'll end up in heaven
Crying with fear, don't want to be here
The battle is where it end
Seventeen and nineteen, what have you seen?
What have you done, where have you been
From a hole in the ground with bodies all around
Two young brothers from Lanark without a sound
Francis and Joseph no time for goodbye
Taken from life beneath a foreign sky
No chance to make a life of their own
Given a gun to die all alone
Why did we go on a one sided show
The battle one with no where to go
Bodies gone, blown away
Too young to die goodbye today
To be given life to die
Frances and Joseph I still ask why?
Gerrard McGeachy

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