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Cloak of Night

I felt the air start to move as Twilight steps in.
I held the hands of time which embraced my soul within.
Drifting deeper into the night midnight enters 
with nocturnal rights.

Far from the city lights lives the country moon 
Dancing in the cloak of night.
The hills speak of lost eons pass and fill my empty glass.
The water of life's thrill seeks refuge in stardust gentle frill.

Owls sing in haunting tones, somewhat slightly baritone.
Coyote hidden in the trees stands watching night at ease.
Alone no human touch, a warmth I miss so much.
Tears fill my glass, and dawn refills the roaming hills.

Back to my cottage, to see dawns rays peeking through my window sill
Your hands touch my face, in dawns soft loving trace.
The day has filled the empty place.
When the night takes a rightful space, the midnight sleeps in grace.

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Cloak of Night