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Soft Warm Rainy Days

She loves the rain on hot summer days she walks outside in puddles to float her paper boat.
She would see it float away on mid-July downpours were the streams that kept this young child's eyes a gleam.
Sun was shining through a Friday shower when Ellie's paper ship begins to sail. 
She felt the heat of Summer's sweet touch her softly on her cheek. She looks above and don't you know there was a
Double soft rainbow.
When she held the sight of arches of colors of that day her paper ship sailed far away.
The rain becomes a gentle mist, Ellie's eyes were wide and with wonder on the day of streams and sails that had no thunder.
The skies held color and fresh clean sun rays in rainbows soft display. Little Ellie talks joyfully of one warm rainy day.

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Soft Warm Rainy Days