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I Waited for you


The Fairy and The Stranger

Little fairy

I didn't think about you

I am Greatful

Lost in thought

No Longer

Making A Dream Come True

No Longer

There is nobody to blame

A moment's peace

Once More



Doesn't matter anyway

What I Want



Heavy is the crown



Found My Home

Who am I anymore

What happened to me

A Fallin Rose

Places like this

Draw a line


This is a different person

Just wait and see


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    Nobody sees how heavy the crown is that I wear. The weight of every soul I hold up and the burdens I share with them. Sure you could say I have a choice, but you don't hear the desperation in their voice as they tell me the story and ask for my help. You will never know the weight I feel when everyone just knows I'll always come through and make everything anew. So much faith and trust are put in me, I can't fail even if it takes walking into Hell. The answer I will always find though often it puts me in a bind, I just smile and say I don't mind. I wouldn't do it all if I didn't care, oh but the heart of an empath is the hefty burden I bare. How could I possibly say no? I just want to see everyone happy and grow.
  I'm often told I don't know how you do it, and It must be great to be able to help so many. Some are bold enough to say they are jealous or just feel dismay, for all I do while being honest and true. They just don't see how exhausted and overwhelmed I always seem to be. I take care of them all but the cost is me. No time to myself, sometimes a decline in my health and not just my wealth. I just keep going and pushing on, regardless of the lack of sleep and how often I weep. Still, A fallen rose I will always be because there is never any time to pick up and restore me. I'm not hurt, for how could they know that I've burnt away, a little more each day? They can't possibly understand the weight on my head and shoulders or the responsibility in my hands. Nobody knows how heavy the crown, instead of seeing how many are just like them surrounding me, they see a Rose that simply will not drown.  

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Heavy is the crown



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