Celina Adrian

30,237 poems read

"alice walker"

flowing aromatic fields
blowing unpredicatable dandelions
and a strong variety of seductive blooms

I am exploring the field of wildflowers
that are directly in front of me
and to my right
and alongside my left
I take notice of the ones behind me
that deserve another look
beyond the back of my head

I am exploring the field of wildflowers
as not to step on new buds
or suppress roots
like kunta kinte

I will pick a gorgeous flower
pleasing from bud to petal
a stunning treasure
who is not entangled with other flowers
or weeds for that matter

I will pick a flower
a wild alluring blossom,
conforming to my fingertips
a sensual grip
who will lean into my hand
and into absolute adoration
and absolute love

lover of my choosing
we will go home one day
but for now
my heart opens 
to the freedom of dancing
in a wildly untamed field
of conquering beauty
and full of
the color purple