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A Part of Me

Is it a plea to pull me from this place?
I saw the sorrow in your face.
My hands tremble with sudden fear
Perhaps, the end is near.
Twisting, turning in my head are the last words you said.
In all reality how can my eyes see the outline of your soul?
How did I see the shadow of your face? Tears stream onto antique lace,
In this cold forsaken place.
Pressed on the window pane, I feel my strength slowly drain.
Death takes all travelers in its stride, he takes us all he has no pride.
I still feel your essence drawing near, your voice I long to hear.
So close yet, far like the twinkle of a star.
Slipping in a petty pace, my heart begins to race.
My mind begins to see that I must set you free. I must leave you to your rest.
When you left I lost my best. 
Clear away the bitter sting, the turmoil is a heavy thing.
Free now to see you will always be a part of me.
(God Bless your soul, you rise to the home of the free.)

©Allseasonsvers 2019/03/04
All Rights Reserved

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Apart of Me