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What say You

Lady Spring tries so hard to sing, but Oldman winter becomes unwilling, he is still on the wing.
He offers the youth of Spring a wedding ring.
Their union could be a disaster Winter is a villain, to nasty to be anyone's patsy.
So Spring turns down Winter's ring in the sad song that the North Wind will sing.
Is it a surprise,  that they have locked eyes?
The fight begins and it will be Spring that will win.
From start to finish the earth and sky, wet or dry, catch each change when it passes by.
So grab a book, or TV remote, and let the cellphone promote, you'll soon get to sit in that old fishing boat.
Ready the sand toys and place them in the beach tote.
Take cabin fever by the throat.
This will all be forgotten in my glass bottom boat.
(What say you?)

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What say You