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A Chance to Dance

Soft velvet and quality silk were purchased for her dress.
A real Ball at the Palace would offer her a second chance.
Her King had vanished two years ago in the land called Timberlane.
Since that day the Queen has not been the same.

She spends her days behind closed doors pacing marble floors.
She ran her Kingdom with loving wisdom her people she adored.
Her noble heart was fragile and shattered when he disappeared.
Life without her love brought her sorrow, his death is what she feared.

The Ball only two hours away dignitaries, Kings, and Queens from afar
gathered from many Kingdoms and all allied forces and other supportive sources.
The hour arrived an introduction with each sound of the trumpet.
The Ballroom was filled and the good Queen was thrilled.

Some say there was magic that day when the dresses started to sway.
At half past nine, appeared was a sight divine.
The good Queen set her eyes on her King!
Some say they heard her very soul sing.
He was well and full of life, held his beautiful wife.

The Queen knew  her King had much misery come his way.
When he told her he spent two years bound in chains.
Free now from enemy forces, he reunites with his sources.
He returns to his kingdom and Queen and restores his life clean.

Not one question of the lost years, her heart now released joyful tears
Together they share the needs of the kingdom and honoring each other's deeds.
At last..the King returns to his Queen.

( Dedicated to Cheyenne, this happy ending brings a new beginning.
Love always, Your Grandmother)

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A Chance to Dance