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Dreams Lead

Leaving the shores of Sicily a long journey to a new home is ahead.
It was not easy, but that was the least that was said.
Palermo looked to the Mediterranean sea, as far as the eyes could view.
The land of my father's birth home where he grew with a strength that gifts so few.

 Now he left his goat herd to his friends nearby and left to follow his dreams.
Life can be a bumpy ride, but he took it in his stride and held by the seams.
New York Harbor awaits for his Father, Mother, sisters, and brothers.
Land of the opportunity that would become his new community.

He looked to towering lady liberty and sees his new home approach.
Long hours of open sea, now reveals the Liberty's steady torch.
His mother's tears fall like rain to see the land, she will gain.
Year's runs quickly ahead, In the place my father's dreams have lead.

Now duty calls he answers to his New Nation's call.
My father returns with a purple heart and more medals as well, he leaves
behind his memories that resembled the streets of hell.
A part of his life he chooses not to tell.

He marries a beautiful Lady from France and lived golden romance.
On a soft Summer's day, a child came their way.
As he looks into his infant's eyes he discovered his dreams lead him to
A true paradise, he sees a spark of where freedom lies.
Home is where his true love sighs.

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Dreams Lead