Always remember,"have courage and be kind."

Always remember to, "have courage and be kind."
In this world filled with darkness and despair.
Why not become someone who does truly care.

Whenever someone is being unkind to another,
what should you do? If it is possible quietly
leave. Send for professional help quickly.

It does not take any courage to be a bully.
For they do not have whatever it takes
to have courage and be kind.

Being rude instead of being polite,
is much too popular today.
People do not seem to care about
the words they say.

Always remember, "to be kinder than necessary."
It is more difficult to have courage and
be kind, than being kinder than necessary.

The golden rule applies here too.
"Treat each others as you would
like them to treat you."

Just because we do not always agree
with what other people say or do;
"silence is golden, golden," applies
here too.

"Always leave them smiling when you say goodbye."
You never honestly know when your pathways in
life may meet again."

And whenever your life is over and through.
Exactly how would you like others to
remember you? The choice is absolutely
up to you!

Love as always,
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy 54/ October Country
April 08, 2019

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Always remember,`have courage and be kind.`

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