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My Tears Of Sheen

Deep within a hidden corner of the soul lives the tears that gathered through the years.
An unmentioned find, but as I saw my soul clean, my tears began to sheen.
 I dusted, I swept, while the corner of my soul wept.
I followed my river of sorrow to its depth.
Does it begin and end, is it a silent soothing friend? 
I know it is the waters that ride on waves of joy or heartfelt pain but is it shallow, could it be vain?
A silenced filled that corner as I heard a whisper say,  "I am apart of you,
that's found a place to stay."
The waters of the soul sleep within, it's presence will rise and fall,  but it answers to the call.
So in my heart, I know when words are lost to joy or sorrow, my hidden waters will flow.
A place where a part of me can wash clean place of depth, a place unseen...
My tears of sheen.

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My Tears Of Sheen