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Veteran, Operation Banner

Just a nineteen year old squaddie,
Very little experience of life,
Just mam and dad back home
No prospects of kids or wife,
Out on the Belfast streets
Trying every learned trick
Not to let down my mates,
The other  lads in my brick.

The yellow card in my pocket
Laying down the combat law
Sadly the enemy don't follow
Any rules of conduct or war.
Standing out like a sore thumb
In issue combat gear
On my toes, nervously alert
Just in case they're near.

They don't wear any uniform
Just normal civvie wear
They could be anyone of those
Just standing over there.
Steadily patrolling
Never in a rush
Watching for the signs
Of a Provo ambush.

That was fifty years ago
And I managed to survive
Did three full tours and
Somehow came out alive.
Nights still some times
Disturbed by my screams
As i gather body parts
Trapped in vivid dreams.

The Good Friday Agreement
That gave them amnesty
Many years  on tries to make
A War Criminals of a Vet like me.
Justice they call it but it's just
One of those one sided farces
As the legal profession bow
And Kiss ex terrorists' arses.

Our once  political masters,
Those career seeking hacks,
Openly wash their hands
And stab us in our backs.
Well, I served my country,
Just did as I was told
Now I'm tired and I'm anxious
Please, let me peacefully grow old.

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Veteran, Operation Banner