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Listen To The Skyís Sad Song

Listen to the sky's sad song.
The rain, her tears, from the heavens she mourns.
When, when will the sorrow be gone
from my face O' earth?
Dead men cries keep bubbling up to the turf.
There's no beauty in any season anymore,
The sun refuses to allow the rays to birth.
Men rise and fall,
And tomorrow comes
but what for? We're just drifting sand.
The method and madness of man's cries.
He smiles but his face lies.
Lies hammered and chiseled
in the inner man.
But inside burns the inner fires,
All the light clouds are liars.
Oh Beautiful One when will you,
This brokenness restore?

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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Listen To The Sky`s Sad Song