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Parrots At The Earl de Grey

At one time it was said
From Hull to Valparaiso,
Or  any deep sea port any  
Mariner might know,
You could find a body who'd
Heard of the old Earl de Grey,
Many of whom had  been there
Even maybe inform you of the way.

They'd talk of the girls
Offering friendship to all
And of the famous parrots
On their perches by the wall.
Fluent in their language
Freely cursing all and sundry
Regardless of their gender,
Colour creed or country.

It was  rumoured they were sold
To a more refined type of place
But after a just few weeks
Were returned in disgrace.
Their partnership sadly ended
By a nervous burglar's blade
One being killed to silence any
Statement  it may have made.

The survivor then fell silent,
No more cursing to its end,
Apparently mourning
It's partner and it's friend.
So those cursing Parrots
Came to an uncertain end
But to a certain generation
They are  a vivid local legend.

The Pub's now just a memory
The old docks long gone
The  building stands but
Times have moved steadily on.
New developments are planned
And although it's still here
There's quite  a chance
It may soon now disappear.

But, I like to think maybe
Some far away tavern's host
Is regaled by their tale
And they all drink a toast
To the famous cursing parrots
At the Old Earl de Grey
And more innocent days
Before time swept them away.

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