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Family Is Free

In a small town lived a small happy family of three.
They lived on the edge of town by the hollow oak tree.
They grew flowers for the Palace on the mountaintop.
As one flower was picked they replaced it with seeds.
This is how the family fulfilled their needs.
One day as they brought the flowers to the majestic towers.
The wind carried their cart and them far away, the family, and their crop
Disappeared that day.
They appeared in the land where flowers ruled, their petals were like delicate jewels.
This was a land of mirror reflections, that sent them in the sun flower's direction.
Light and seed filled its face it danced in their presence with grace.
Many years have passed by and the land of flowers flourished and thrived.
The Kingdom of roses set the human family free, they returned to their home by the hollow oak tree.
They cared for each flower with love knowing, each bloom is a gift from above.
Flowers of love is like a hand to a glove and brings hope to hearts that miracles are made of.
A family free is a blessing to see, after all; I can not deny that family could be a part of you or I.

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Family Is Free