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Astounding Spring

The trees put on a new coat of leaves, dancing in the fresh spring breeze.
A crown of light fills the sky to view the eagles as they fly.
Wildflowers light up the meadows  when fresh showers 
rain down upon her face.
The field of colors is spring's soft embrace.

Robins feed their hatchlings, soft sunshine in the songs they
sing, butterfly and bees are gliding on their wings. 
New life and hope rebound to seasons welcome sounds.
The sweet voice of whispers is her beauty of
life this season brings.

A light of morning shines through my window pane.
The rainbow glows from soft light that brought
the thirst-quenching rain. 
Now sleeping winter holds fast in dreams, 
Covering with the tender blanket of an Astounding Spring.

A peace that holds the heart of mankind's best
Has scored a time that open fields can bring
the soul to a tranquil rest. 

©Allseasonsverse 2019/21/04
All Rights Reserved 

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Astounding Spring