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Damn you black girl 

for always being here and never over there.

Damn you black girl for being so worried about your 

surroundings and your welfare. 

It was never fair for your hair.



Damn you black girl for supporting others

when no one else was there.

Damn you little black girl 

for praying for your superiors. 

They never even cared. 

Damn you black girl for just being here. 



Damn you black girl, 

your not afraid of us and that's what we can't trust.

Your not for us but you've been there forever. 

Damn you black girl,

I know your tired but I was tired first,

so fair is fair. 



Damn you little but big Black girl,

you were never supposed to be here....


Your not allowed to sit here says the little white girl.


Forever and ever we've feared black girls for what they truly are. 



Inheritors of the air!!

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Damn You Black Girl