A Synthetic Soul

Searching for the key

It blows my mind.
Turns my stomach upside down.
Laying next to the one who brings me down.
The love long lost.

Too many things gone wrong.
Too many things said that hit too strong,
and I don't want this $#!t no more.
It's risky leaving. Waiting for the moment
you cannot control me any longer.

And they will hold me just the way I like
to be held.
Show me love.
Make me feel like I've never felt.

Because I'm worthy of it.
Because I know I deserve it.
I know I'm not perfect
and I don't want to be
in this apartment.
Looking at you
looking at me.

Stirs nothing good, nothing that's me.
The f@(k!ng chains won't let me leave
But that doesn't mean
I'm not searching for the key

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