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A Friend in The Forest
Rainy days approaching May, forest life grows where great oaks sway.
Did the creatures of woodland pride frolic or do they hide?
Dense and rich this place survives as another world where abundance strives.
Many little lambs are lost, they walk the forest deep, searching for their mother Sheep.
At last, they cling to one another both sisters and brothers.
Laying down they fall asleep.
Mother deer is walking near and come upon the lambs of slumber.
She did not ever see the likes of lost lambs encumbered.
She wakes them all and leads them to the meadows light.
There stood the Mother Lamb in plain and simple sight.
Ever thankful the Mother Lamb will always remember this Deer.
This was the day a friend was made that lifted a family from danger and fear.
(Dedicated to a friend so dear)

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A Friend in the Forest