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Astral Projection

This poem is about a real life experience I had while yet a teen.
I was interested in astral projection, wondering if the tales I had
heard were true. Being who I am, I decided to try it out.

I relaxed my spirit, feeling fey,
Slowly breathing, "I" slipped away.
Out of this shell of earthen clay,
My spirit soared free into the breaking day.

Shocked and surprised, suddenly aware,
I looked down to see my body there.
I felt the lure to explore, and travel far,
To another world, perhaps on a distant star.

Yet how to guard my body while "I" was away,
Perhaps I should linger, rather than stray?
Then my vision expanded, as through a tunnel,
I saw a demonic horde pouring through a funnel.

I saw them clearly, and they saw me,
They sped forward as I turned to flee.
My body was the prize, who would reach it first?
Would I be myself, or have demonic thirst?

The bible tale of Legion, possessed by a host,
My body ruled by demons, my spirit just a ghost?
I sat up suddenly, chilled to the bone,
I was back in my body, but was I alone?

Take this poem as a warning, we are not the only beings
with spirits. There are dangers in the astral realm, just
as there are in the physical.

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Astral Projection