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Evora 1

I draw your features on me
To establish the lines of my face
And I carry the sky
To grow grass over the joints of my room
A fountain gushes, rushing from the edges of the windows
To overtake the two mattresses either side of the desk lamp
A songbird stretches itself out along the washing line
I've prepared everything possible
I've furnished my imagination with doves
Sprinkled water in front of my room
Liberated the corners
I've sorted out my papers and my soul
Go on: rest your face on me
Wake up the cockerel in front of my room
Wake up the basil and the jasmine
Sing to the wind
The wind has no one but you
It's not as if the fog has legs to walk about in my room
Open the window for it!
Put on music so it can sleep
Am I falling?
Has everything fallen down?
Towards me
Around me
On me!
Sing to the fog
So it will unfurl a rainbow above my mirror
To me
So I can go on living

Obaida Kotainy

Translated by: Dr Gilbert Ramsay

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Evora 1

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