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Tal Chi

It isn't a path to weatlh,
but could be the path to better health.
Step and James can show you the way,
To help you help you feel good for more than one day.

Sometime it feels worse,
it is a good thing step is a nurse.
You must at each other smile,
as you think to learn will take more then a while.

You will not be judged if you do it wrong,
for in the long run you will get more strong.
Just hang in there,
as Step and James shows how much they care.

If I can be so bold,
for Tal Chi helps even us who are old.
You will find it can be fun,
even for the young.

Yes, you need to check out Tal Chi,
for you could end up with the key.
To feel a whole lot better,
as we learn Tal Chi together.


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Tal Chi

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