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Sea Fairing Tale

In due time the silver lake returned to emerald waters.
The ships of time skimmed the surface-wide.
Fairweather was on their side rebounding with the tide.
Does the waters luster calm the sail when lake and river arrive at the seas of whales?
Come quickly the ages rejoice of sea's salty tales.
The cross fate of sun and stars lit the crimson moon and came to full power in legend's deep lagoon.
Pirates found this place and left their treasure buried then departs in haunting tunes.
Life now at its best, has laid to rest beneath the hidden treasure chest. 
X marks the spot, a map the Queen holds ransom to find a number of jewels and gold so handsome.
The tired eyes of children open wide to tales told by the camp's fireside, come take a mystic sea fairing ride.
The peace of new day age is tinted with the old world's sage, now turn to that tantalizing page.
Witnessing adventure, now taking center stage...

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Sea Fairing Tale