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Soldier XYZ

They tell me I'm a criminal
But they've never stood in line
Never been in action or
Had experiences like mine.
When the enemy wore no uniform
His out among the crowd
Carried out their actions in ways
That we just weren't allowed.

No yellow card for them
No Geneva Convention
No post mortem discussion
About there intention.
No, they murdered and terrorised
In independence's name
And the Good Friday agreement
Changed the rules of the game.

Terrorist became freedom fighters
And, with amnesty, walked free
But no amnesty granted
For ex squaddies like me.
Tommy Atkins as always
Pulled the politicos out of the shit
But when it come to gratitude
They  show not a single little bit.

When it's a minority government
Supported by the D.U.P
It's God help any ex squaddie
Who served on Banner like me.
If the party in power changes
It'll still be the same.
Appease the ex terrorist seems
To be the name of their game.

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Soldier XYZ