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Beyond Tomorrow

I wonder what waits beyond this day
When all my deeds like dust are blown away.
As the setting sun lends a crimson hue,
I consider the morrow, and what I will do.

Grilling tbone steaks on a propane grill,
Pondering the starlit night so serene and still.
What tricks of fate does the future hold,
How long till I lie still and cold?

Each day I live one less remains,
Like water circling an open drain.
Most of my siblings were dead by my age,
Torn from life like a discarded page.

The day is ending, tomorrow is unknown;
In the distance do I hear the rattle of bone?
For all men comes a day for settling of debt,
For a gambler to win, he must first place a bet.

So I plan my future as best I may,
And consider what lies beyond the next day.
Perhaps contentment and happiness await,
Or a joker dealt by the hand of fate.

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Beyond Tomorrow