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Darkness encroaches as sunlight fades,
Time to draw curtains and lower shades.
For the absence of light is not in sky alone,
But in hearts of men who will not atone.

Cloaked in shadows, dark deeds are done,
That none would attempt under blazing sun.
Murder, rapine, and violence abound,
While few investigate the chilling sound.

Darkness without echoed by darkness within,
Men whose souls are steeped in vile sin.
It will not always be so, the legends say,
The time will come when all is eternal Day.

The Lord of Light will rule this old world,
His banner of love bright and unfurled.
All sorrows and heartache wiped away,
The light of His countenance shining bright as day.

An endless Eternity of righteous living,
Ruled by a Lord both kind and forgiving.

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