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As we walk the winding road of life,
Plagued by doubt and torn by strife,
So many questions remain to answer,
Gnawing at my mind like an unseen cancer.

So many imponderables beyond recount,
Spewed forth from an endless fount.
My mind a bubbling, churning vat,
No answers for this, no solution for that.

We lack more in kmowledge than words can say,
If we spoke from dawn till end of day.
Vital questions that puzzle me still,
They always have and always will.

Why hurt the ones we love the most,
When to use bread and when to use toast?
Why say things we know are not true,
Why aren't skies purple, not blue?

So many questions in this puzzle of life,
Queries that slice deeper than any knife.
Why am I here, in this time and place;
How did I wind up with this ugly face?

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