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A White Sand Shell
The youth was with us as we walked the sandy shores.
The sunsets fame in Summer's blazing game.
Seashells scattered upon white sands assorted gem like glaze.
My eyes seem to fix on a shell that seem to glisten in noonday rays.
You hand the shell to me with a smile, that was my true light 
The warming of your face was a lifting sight.
You said to place the shell gently to my ear, the sound of the sea would rumble clear.
I hold the shell to my ear and whispers of the salty tide draws near.
A bit of wonder could have no disguise must have been a sparkle from my eyes.
We made a point to keep the shell as a reminder of white sands paradise.
Many decades pass, we still possess the shell.
I hold it to my ear, to regain the whispers of our youth.
Was it a symbol of truth released from the inner shell?
It was a mere object that bound our kindred spirits to ageless youth.
The shell is a reflection of what our love can tell.

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A White Sand Shell