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If You Tear The Passion From My Soul

If you tear the passion from my soul
out comes the pure and dirty gold.
We need you O Son.
The world's so cold.
Begging eyes praying for anything,
But bold hands refuse to fold.
Rain rain please go away.
Crying eyes gave all they had
but bold minds won't obey.
All I really own
are the teardrops my hands hold.
If it's true I won't see true beauty until I die.
Why does the system
keep spreading the infectious lie.
Vanity of vanity it's all the same.
I'm waiting to see beauty
but I don't know her name.
We seek something more than the eyes truth.
But I sometimes wonder why.
Or is the why in vain, what a load.
That's where dreams and reality are stowed.
The world is cooked in ruthlessness
and all the cruelty it can bring.
All the man made homes are missing their roof.
Reject the shackles and reject the noose.
The mad minds
are trying to drown us in the artificial juice,
Regardless of the pain.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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If You Tear The Passion From My Soul