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Memory Clear and Near
I am so thankful for your gentle ways your warm wisdom 
Your smile has followed me with a golden ray.
In hot summer days when seashores blessed our stay
My life was a sand castle of joyous play.
I watched the tide roll in until the moon moved through
Starkissed sky would capture my view, life was rich
With the likes of you.
You gave me life with a loving hand and taught me how to understand.
I bring you flowers once again, to hold the colors of nature's best.
 The scent of roses fills the air, a budding beauty of Spring's velvet vest.
I place them with loving care near to your place of rest.
I will hold your memory dear, and be ever thankful for your love so clear.
My love for you is always near.
(Your loving Daughter, always)

©Allseasonsverse, May 12th, 2019
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Memory Clear and Near