The Dutchman

When shadows deepen and starlight gleams;
When the moon sends pallid ghostly beams;
When damp winds hum a haunting strain;
And dark clouds gather, harbinger of rain

When dark currents surge and begin to churn;
When phosphorescent images seem to burn;
When lightening bolts crackle and suddenly flare;
And reveal to all what is lurking there...

When ancient cordage and timbers creak,
When the silence is pierced by hideous shriek;
When the ancient curse beckons him once more,
The Flying Dutchman prowls the shore.

When the ancient mariner rides the waves;
When darkling power controls and enslaves;
When cursed souls bound by watery doom
Sail forth on seas of endless gloom;

Then steer your course straight and true;
Then heed well this warning, though you grue;
Then seek ye safe harbor it cannot follow,
Lest midnight waves your own ship swallow.

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The Dutchman