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Pretty Polly

It's goodbye to Pretty Polly
The lass from the grocery store
For she went and joined the Army
And they sent her off to War.

Off to far Afghanistan
To set the people free
Where Pretty Polly's vehicle
Was wrecked by an I,E.D.
The armour saved her physically
But mentally she was gone
Stuck there in a time warp
Wasn't able to move on.
Pretty Polly was a soldier
And a soldier's life is cheap
So they gave her a War Pension
And she's out on the scrap heap.

They didn't just desert her
The counsellors really tried
But out there in Afghanistan
Some part of her had died.
She'd slept rough in the country
On a small piece of waste ground
Alert and awakened by
Every single little sound.
Sat  in a shop doorway
For hours every day
Until the police and the council
Finally moved her on her way.

They found her in a wood
Hanging from a rope
Pretty Polly it seems
Had finally lost all hope.
Just another Veteran
Whose life ended like that
They bore Standards at her funeral
The coffin bore her Hat.
The Padre told her story
The family held a wake
Some of her army mates
Came for old times sake

A last goodbye to Pretty Polly
The lass from the grocery store
Just another of those casualties
From a far off and senseless war.

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